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5 Reasons You Need To Use
Facebook Marketing Dubai Ads


1 – Your Audience Is On Facebook

Facebook has 1.49 billion members worldwide resulting in 22 billion ad clicks per year.

Businesses now have the largest advertising opportunity ever offered in the history of direct marketing.

What Facebook Marketing Dubau Ads allows a business to do is to target, with exact proficiency, their target market. They are able to send their product and services ads directly to the Facebook feeds of their target audience.

What’s more, is the fact that the Ads show as ‘natural’ posts/news/events in the ‘targets’ feed so it does not look like a standard advert. It looks natural and as a result receives more clicks.


2 – Facebook Marketing Dubai Ads Are Cost Effective

Depending on the type of adverts a business wants to do, the Ads often cost pennies on the dollar. In real terms, for their value received, they’re practically free!

The reason businesses turn to Facebook Advertising is because getting traction from organic activity can sometimes take a while. Facebook Ads allows a business immediate access to their target market.

Once a website is properly ranked the business receives the best of both worlds, direct organic traffic & direct marketing traffic.

How Cost effective is the reach of Facebook Advertising Dubai Ads?

Businesses are often able to run a Facebook marketing Dubai campaigns from as little as $5.00/day and reach a targeted audience of approx’ 200 people/day that are then encouraged to ‘click through’ to its website That’s pretty impressive from a cost point of view!.

Bigger budgets will yield bigger responses.

The graph below says it all. The cost to reach a thousand people via Facebook is far less expensive than all other types of marketing channel whether that be online or offline


3 – Exceptional Targeting Capabilities

Facebooks targeting capabilities are exceptional. You can literally target anyone on Facebook if they have an account. You can look into to their; behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations.

You can dig very deep to make sure the people who are seeing your Ads are the people you want as customers for your products or services.


4 – Perfect For Funnel Marketing Techniques

The Funnel strategy is perfect for marketers because when you remarket your audience that has already visited your site, it is done in a very natural and friendly passive way.

According to marketers and industry surveys, potential customers who do not purchase the first time, often do after they see your brand/product again and again (retargeted Ads) because it gives them ‘social proof’ that your product/brand is credible.


5 – Facebook Yields Targeted Qualified Leads

Once a Dubai Facebook Marketing campaign has run its course, you can keep the audience found by Facebook for future campaigns and marketing ideas.

You can also build what are called ‘look-a-like’ audiences. So, if you have had a successful campaign with one audience type, you can ask Facebook to find more of the same for your next one too!

There is a whole world of direct advertising that businesses are not taking advantage of. Circumstance dictates that they do not have the time to learn these new direct methods because they are too busy running their businesses.

Eclat Digital Marketing will help any business that wants to take maximum advantage of a Facebook Ads campaign. We will handle everything for you from A-Z.

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