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Investing In Your Own
Internet Marketing Business

It is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur to understand their business niche and how they should structure their business for success. It is no different for a successful Internet Marketing Business.

You have to learn the basics, understand your market and customer habits. Luckily, in the world of the internet, vital data and numbers are easily found.


What You Will Learn

  • Google User Data
  • How Predictable Website Traffic Volume Is Calculated
  • The $USD An Affiliate Marketing Website Can Generate
  • How To Rank For & Guarantee A Top 3 Google Page Position


The Numbers…
Google User Data


Google Page One Visitor (Traffic) Behaviour:

91.5% of all Google search engine traffic stays on Page One


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33% of all Google search engine traffic goes to the website in Position One, on Page One, of the search results. 18% Goes to website Position Two with 12% Going to Position Three.



How To Predict Website Visitor Traffic Volumes

Google provides data for every search phrase (called keywords) that has ever been used by an internet User when trying to find the answer to one of their queries. It’s important to any internet marketing business to know what their potential customers search Google for.

Keyword data is readily available to anyone that wants it, either directly from Google or other keyword tool providers.



Beauty Product Keyword: Scar Cream



Keyword(s) Suggestion                    Monthly Search Volume

Scar Cream                                                        12,109

From this example we see that, for the keywords ‘Scar Cream’, 12,109 Users in the USA search for these particular keywords every single month.


How Monthly Website Visitor Traffic Can Be Predicted

GooglePositionSearch VolumeTraffic %Visitors / Month
Page One112,10933%3,996
Page One212,10918%2,180
Page One312,10912%1,453


How To Calculate Website Traffic To Sale Conversions

There is no officially published data for the average conversion rate of affiliate websites, however, based on 17 different affiliate websites run by a company called Invesp, website visitors converted into sales at a rate of 26%. (source: INVESP)

For the purpose of this document, we will take an average conversion rate of 10% to be the norm.

Conversion Of Traffic Volume To Sales At A 10% Conversion Rate:

GooglePositionVisitors / MonthConversion %   Unit Sales
Page One13,99610%399
Page One22,18010%218
Page One31,45310%145


How To Predict Revenue For An Affiliate Website

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Predicting the potential revenue for your internet marketing business is crusial. The typical commission rates for beauty affiliate products used in the prior example = $10 to $25+

GooglePositionUnit SalesCommission Earned$USD Sales Volume
Page One1399$10.00$3,990
Page One2218$10.00$2,180
Page One3145$10.00$1,450


How To Rank A Website To A Page One Top 3 Position

Google is generally secretive about how it’s algorithm works. However, they have stated that the biggest ranking factors when it comes to evaluating a website’s position in their search engine are niche relevant content based ‘Backlinks’.

Backlinks are made when one website connects to another. They might connect because they partner with each other or if one company has executed work for the other. It’s important that your internet marketing business has a proper backlinking strategy.

Other major factors when ranking a website are such things as the quality of the website’s; Content, Keyword page integration, Page structure and overall User experience. Get these things right and a website is set-up to rank in Google.


How To Guarantee A Website Will Rank High In Google

Ranking websites to the top of Google search results can be a long and arduous task, especially if there is a lot of competition for the keywords you want to rank for.

Using various Tools, you can establish how easy or difficult it will be to rank to the top of Google for various keyword search terms. Example: Scar Cream (Geographical Location – USA)

Graphic 1

Internet Marketing Business Data Image

Graphic 2

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Keyword-Finder.Com is a highly reputed industry tool to assess keyword data difficulty and potential ranking capabilities.

Graphic 1 & 2 Data Extraction – Keyword: Scar Cream 

  1. Keyword Difficulty (KD) = 32/100 (Relatively Easy To Rank For)
  2. Keyword Monthly Volume = 12,109
  3. DA (Domain Authority) for positions 1 & 4 are low at 17/100 & 21/100 respectively

Technically speaking, it would take a website with a DA of 17+, with page content that is specifically dedicated to the subject matter and the search term keyword, ‘Scar Cream’, to attain a top 3 Google ranking position.

Is it really as simple as that?… YES… with one caveat to guarantee success. That caveat being, Private Blog Networks (PBNs).


What Is A PBN?

PBNs are a group of individual websites that all relate to a specific business niche or topic, for instance, Health. A PBN might contain as few as 5 such websites or as many as 100 or more. It all depends how strong you need or want your PBN to be.


What Is The Purpose Of A PBN?

The sole purpose of a PBN is to add ranking strength & power to your ‘money’ making affiliate website, so that it ranks higher in Google than your competitors in the same business niche. By default of ranking higher in Google, your website will receive a lot more valuable traffic.

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