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Dubai SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the simple activity of getting a website noticed by Googles Search Engine Algorithm. SEO is SEO no matter where in the world you are. Dubai SEO Services just means concentrated on Dubai or from Dubai.


Why You Need Dubai SEO Marketing Services

Once the Google algorithm picks up your websites presence on the internet it starts to crawl through your whole site, page by page, to find out what you are about.

It will also take note of all of your backlinks within your content. It checks to see if you are an ‘authority’ within your service or product sector and if you are worth ranking in Googles Index of Websites and what type of ranking your website deserves.

If your website is not optimised to the level Google looks for, you are not awarded with a high ranking. It’s as simple as that.


Google Search Results & Dubai SEO Marketing

If you have ever used Google to make a search for something you wanted to know, you will have noticed that Google has a multitude of pages with suggested answers to your query.

Those that appear (ranked) on the first page (indexed by Goggle), statistically speaking, receive 80% of all inquiries. I trust you can understand how important it is for your website to Rank on Google.

Googles Algorithm takes into account over 200 variables according to Googles last disclosure. They all combine to give your website a score and a ranking position in Googles Search Engine.

If your face doesn’t fit, your website don’t get anywhere near first page.


Google Ranking with Dubai SEO Services

Eclat specialise in getting Business websites to the first page within ONE month. It’s no easy task. However, if we don’t achieve it in that time-frame for at least ONE Google Keyword we are targeting we will work for free until it is achieved.

Google works slowly and ranking is something that takes time. However, we use a lot of premium resources that speeds up the process.


Why Is SEO Marketing In Dubai & Google Ranking So Important?

As mentioned above, First Page Rankers receive 80% of all search inquiries. It is well documented that Google is used by over 75% of all Worldwide Website users.

If your website isn’t ranked on first page of Google or at the very least, page two, then you are missing out some serious potential business.

Either your business competitors are getting those inquiries or they are being missed all together by your industry. That is why, as a business website owner, you need to engage Dubai SEO focused services.

Imagine, if by default of your website ranking on Google Search, you were to get more automatic business enquiries than you could cope with, would that be a good position to be in?

It doesn’t take much to take advantage of SEO marketing in Dubai to get the results you desire.

To really boost and dominate your business niche or sector, you may well be interested in our Private Blog Network building service, designed and managed by us, on behalf of your business. There is nothing more powerful than a PBN to boost your websites presence on the internet.


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