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Let’s Look At Keywords…

What Are Keywords?Looking For Keywords Within Dubai SEO Services Image

Keywords are ‘identifying words’ that are used in your Website editorial that describes the content of a certain website page. They are also used in backlinking.

They are used because they relate directly to the terms/phrases/words used by people searching the internet for whatever service/solution/product they are looking for.

Why Are Keywords Important?Founding Keywords For Dubai SEO Services

If you include Keywords in your Website pages that are often used by your potential customers to find solutions/services/products that you supply, they will be able to find you.

Not only that but the correct use of the right key words mixed into your web-page editorial will propel you up the Google rankings/index because you will be seen as relevant and an authority on the solutions, services & products that the majority of Google users are looking for, in your particular industry/sector.

If Google can not match your website to their Users Search Phrases, guess what, Google won’t Rank you and people won’t ever be able to find or even see you.

Can You Help Me With This?

Yes, of course. This is just one of the SEO areas we specialise in to help propel small business owners up the ladder of Google Rankings and Indexing using our Dubai or UK SEO Services.

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