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Lets Look At Backlinking…

What is Backlinking?

Backlinking is the process of connecting your business website to others that are content relevant to your business niche and that offer a ‘positive’ reason for you to connect with.

The positive reason is usually that the connecting website has Google authority… and that authority can be passed to your websites authority just by a direct ‘backlink’.

These backlinks from other/external websites that are yours, when combined with your ‘Keywords’, are tremendously powerful.

The most powerful form of backlinking a business website can build and have complete control over, is it’s own Private Blog Network

Why you NEED BackLinks

The number of quality backlinks your website has is a clear indication to Google and other platforms that your website is popular & important and therefore, relevant. Relevant in your industry or niche.

Being relevant will propel your website up the Google Rankings to Page One and keep you there.

What Happens If You Have NO Backlinks?Dubai SEO Services & No Backlinking graphic

Without Backlinks, no matter how much SEO work you do, you are never likely to maintain a First Page Status with Google.

Bottom line? If you want more search engine traffic, you must have Backlinks

How Do You Begin To Build Backlinks?

Dubai SEO Backlinking Services

Don’t worry. Backlinking is something we specialise in. We work efficiently to build powerful Links and it should take longer than 3-4day to be implemented.

The Backlinking Rank process takes time but you will start to see results within 30days or so and after 90days, your position on Google should be not less than Page Two, depending how competitive your industry/service is

We start with a comprehensive package, to keep costs down, that should get your website to page one especially when combined with our Keyword service.

If it doesn’t, we will add a further 10 high quality Back-Links for free and keep doing so till we see the results you need.

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