Google Popularity & Your Website

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Google Popularity & Your Website

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Let’s Talk About Google Popularity

Why Is Popularity Important?

Google Popularity Crowd ImageSimply put, being popular on the internet is good for business and good for your Google Rankings. In essence, websites fight for position on a daily basis but only the ‘popular’ ones get to the top.

In its crudest sense, the internet is nothing more than a popularity contest! If you use SEO correctly you will become ‘popular’

So What Makes A Website Popular?

It is a combination of everything. The most effective ways to become popular with Google is to show them you are popular with the internet.

Google Popularity Starts With Doing The Right Dubai SEO


You also need to show Google that you are popular with other websites hat Google already Ranks as Authorities in their own domain. This is where Backlinking comes in.


Keywords are again another very effective SEO tool to help Google notice you and show them that you are popular to the people that use their search engine to find solutions to their problems. After all, Google is the ‘go to’ search engine for 75% of the world to find solutions to questions.


Your content needs to be of a good quality to keep your visitors on your site for longer and to engage with your site. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the better it is in the eyes of Google

Social Media

This means setting up various Social Media accounts and using them as funnel links to your website by engaging with your audience and giving them what they want…good, interesting and relevant content; posts, pictures, articles and reasons to engage.

It is time consuming but worth it if you want to maintain high Google ranking positions and a good flow of website traffic.

What Do You Suggest I Do?

The best way to win a popularity contest is to have the inside track on what those judging want to see and hear. Eclat SEO gives you that powerful information and will implement it for you.

Dubai SEO Google Popularity Services

Using our SEO services, we can help you become as popular as it takes to reach Page One of Google Search Rankings. Not just popular but VERY popular.

You will receive more website traffic to your Website, more potential customers, more buyers and by default, a very healthy increase in business revenues. Contact Us

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