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Let’s Look At Content…

Quite simply, Content means the editorial and headings within your website including Images. Not just any old Content, quality Content. Content that is not only of interest to your viewers and potential clients but that will make you relevant to Google.

How Is My Content Relevant To Google?

The Content SEO PuzzleTo optimise your visibility to Googles Algorithm, you need to strategically place the Keywords that have been chosen for each page of your website and integrate them into Headings, General Text, Images and backlinks. It is important NOT to over optimise because Google will penalise websites that do.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Quality Content?

Quite simply your website is very unlikely to ever Rank on first page of Google and if it does, it won’t maintain that position for long.

Can Eclat Help Me With Quality Content?

Great SEO Content Makes People Happy

The simple answer is YES!

When a client engages Eclat for Dubai SEO Services we undertake a thorough audit of your website to see the effectiveness of your current KeyWord use and those used by your competitors.

With that knowledge we suggest ways to integrate the most powerful Keywords into the editorial of your website. We will also suggest ways to improve the quality of your pages in your website so it is more appealing to visitors etc

By integrating Keywords in the way we recommend, it will ensure you have maximum visibility with Google and other platforms. This will enhance and improve your Google Page Ranking position and drive traffic to your website.

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