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Powerful UK SEO Techniques That Work  – It is essential for any aspiring business owner to understand their business niche as well as how they need to structure their business for success. It is no different when it comes to a successful Online Marketing Business.

You need to study the fundamentals, understand your market as well as customer behaviours. Fortunately, in the world of the internet, critical data and numbers are quickly identified. Using UK SEO techniques will fast forward your success.

What You Will Discover

  • Google User Data
  • How Expected Website Traffic Volume Is Calculated
  • The $USD An Affiliate Marketing Website Will Earn
  • How you can Rank For & Guarantee A Top 3 Google Page Position


The Numbers…
Google User Data

Google Page One Visitor (Traffic) Behaviour:

91.5% of all Google search engine traffic stays on Page One

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33% of all Google search engine traffic goes to the website in Position One, on Page One, of the search results. 18% Goes to website Position Two with 12% Going to Position Three.

Predicting Website Visitor Traffic Numbers

Google supplies information for every single search phrase (called keywords) that has ever been used by a web Site visitor when searching for the solution to one of their questions. It is essential to any online marketing business to understand exactly what their prospective customers search Google for.

Keyword phrase data is freely accessible to any individual that wants it, either specifically from Google or various other keyword resource providers


Beauty Product Keyword: Scar Cream


Keyword(s) Suggestion                    Monthly Search Volume

Scar Cream                                                        12,109

From this example we see that, for the keywords ‘Scar Cream’, 12,109 Users in the USA search for these particular keywords every single month.

How Monthly Website Visitor Traffic Can Be Predicted

GooglePositionSearch VolumeTraffic %Visitors / Month
Page One112,10933%3,996
Page One212,10918%2,180
Page One312,10912%1,453

How To Determine Website Traffic To Sale Conversions

There is no formally published information when it comes to the typical conversion rate of affiliate internet sites, that being said, based on 17 assorted affiliate websites managed by a company called Invesp, website visitors converted into sales at a rate of 26%. (source: INVESP).

For the purpose of this particular document, we will take an average conversion rate of 10% as being the benchmark.

Conversion Of Traffic Volume To Sales At A Conversion Rate Of 10%:

GooglePositionVisitors / MonthConversion %   Unit Sales
Page One13,99610%399
Page One22,18010%218
Page One31,45310%145

How To Predict Revenue For An Affiliate Website

Internet Marketing Business Cash Image

Predicting the potential revenue for your internet marketing business is crucial. The typical commission rates for beauty affiliate products used in the prior example = $10 to $25+

GooglePositionUnit SalesCommission Earned$USD Sales Volume
Page One1399$10.00$3,990
Page One2218$10.00$2,180
Page One3145$10.00$1,450

The Way To Rank A Website To A Page One Top 3 Position

Google is typically tight-lipped concerning exactly how it’s algorithm works. They have stated that the biggest ranking factors when it comes to evaluating a website’s position in their search engine are niche relevant content based ‘Backlinks‘.

Backlinks are created whenever one website links to another. They may possibly connect due to the fact that they partner with one another or if one business has performed work for the other. It is very important that your online marketing business possesses a proper backlinking strategy.

Additional significant factors when ranking a website are such things as the quality of the website’s; Content, Keyword page integration, Page structure and entire User experience. Get these types of details correct and a website is set-up to rank in Google.

How To Guarantee A Website Will Rank High In Google

Positioning websites to the top of Google search engine results page can be a lengthy and difficult job, particularly if there is a great deal of competition for the keyword phrases you would like to rank for.

Using different Resources, anyone can determine precisely how easy or challenging it will be to rank to the top of Google for a variety of keyword search phrases. Example: Scar Cream (Geographic Locality – USA).

Graphic 1

Internet Marketing Business Data Image

Graphic 2

Internet Marketing Business Image


Keyword-Finder is a strongly reputed market resource to evaluate keyword phrase data difficulty and prospective ranking capabilities.

Graphic 1 & 2 Data Extraction – Keyword Phrase: Scar Cream 

  1. Keyword Difficulty (KD) = 32/100 (Relatively Easy To Rank For)
  2. Keyword Monthly Volume = 12,109
  3. DA (Domain Authority) for positions 1 & 4 are low at 17/100 & 21/100 respectively

Technically speaking, it would require a website with a DA of 17+, having page content that is specifically devoted to the subject matter as well as the search phrase keyword, ‘Scar Cream’, to achieve a top 3 Google search engine ranking position.

Is it actually as straightforward as that? … YES INDEED … with one caveat to guarantee success. That caveat being, Private Blog Networks (PBNs).

What Is A PBN?

PBNs are a group of individual websites that identify with a distinct business niche or subject matter, for example, Health. A PBN could consist of as few as 5 such websites or as many as 100 or more. Everything depends exactly how powerful you require or want your PBN to become.

What Is The Function Of A PBN?

The sole purpose of a PBN is to increase ranking strength & power to your ‘money’ making affiliate business website, to make sure that it ranks higher in Google rather than your rivals in the same business niche. By default of showing up higher in Google, your website will acquire a great deal more valuable traffic.

Internet Marketing Business UK SEO Services PBN Building Image

How PBN’s Add Strength & Power To A Money Website

We need first to understand some basic background information to make sense of the power that a PBN can bring to an affiliate money making website.  It is also important to understand, for the sake of this post, that UK SEO PBNs are as strong and efficient as any other PBN managed in any other part of the world. There is absolutely no difference at all.

Website Metrics

Google and various other data compilation companies crawl the entirety of the world wide web using what are referred to as ‘Bots’. These Bots gather data regarding all facets of a website that they encounter when crawling. That information is carried back to a primary database where it is then analyzed, filtered, categorized and indexed.

The evaluated data creates a picture of a website in the eyes of Google. Google then undertakes indexing a websites pages etc until it possesses a comprehensive knowledge of what the website refers to.

A Google Metric might possibly be in what position a website is positioned in Googles online search engine. Other Data Collection companies will literally designate identifiable measurement scores to a website, for instance; Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow & Trust Scores etc

These kinds of independent website scores will emulate, to a great degree, exactly what Google genuinely thinks about a website. In that regard, this independent data analysis is extremely important.

The Significance Of Google Understanding Your Website

When Google understands everything relating to a website, it will index its pages to match User keyword search terms. The more applicable a website is to a Users keyword search term the more probable Google will display that website to them.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the reverse is equally true. If a website is poorly set-up and Google can not determine what it refers to, that website will NEVER show up anywhere near Page One of Google search results.

There is an enormous amount of competition when it comes to different keyword phrases on the web. There are numerous websites all fighting for the exact same traffic. Google has to understand why it should display your website as opposed to others. As the website owner it is your task to make that judgement as easy as possible for Google to take.

How Does Google Determine Whether To Display Your Website Or Not?

Google employs its notorious, yet secretive, algorithm to filter and serve up the best of the best websites to make certain that only the most relevant websites related to any keyword search phrase that a user could make, is presented.

Google does not brazenly proclaim exactly how its algorithm functions, however, it does every so often note what the significant ranking factors are for any website to rank.

That information is utilized by Internet Marketers & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists to construct their money websites to complement the disclosed information.

The data collected from independent sources, and the ‘scores’ they credit to a money website likewise reflects how Google views that website. Keeping all these considerations in mind assists anyone to ‘game’ the Google algorithm.

What Does All This Have To Do With PBNs?

As cited in the opening passage, PBNs are a group of individual websites that identify with a distinct business niche or subject matter. The sole purpose of a PBN is to increase the ranking strength & power to your ‘money’ making affiliate website

Where Does The Strength And Ranking Power Come From?

The websites selected to be utilized in a Private Blog Network originate from ‘Domain Name’ sellers, Brokers & Auctions. These websites are not required by their owners anymore. They are either sold into the marketplace or simply left to naturally expire.

A great deal of these types of expired or auctioned websites are immensely powerful. Their Metrics are ones that Google identify to be relevant to their business ‘niche’.

By acquiring an expired or auctioned domain name, you now own that website and everything pertaining to it, including its Metrics. The metrics do not lapse, they stay with the domain name.

How Is The Power Of A PBN Passed To A Money Site?

The only technique to successfully pass the power of one website to another, is by linking them together. The PBN is connected directly to your money website. This is typically described as Backlinking.

The strength of the PBN travels through the Backlink to the money website. The money website consequently is ‘powered/Juiced up’ and it’s Google page rankings beefed up.

Why Does Google Pay Attention To Backlinks?

Whenever a niche relevant powerful website links to another, Google takes notice.

Google translates a backlink from the powerful website as being an endorsement for its Users, to visit yours.

These kinds of endorsements via backlinks are one of Googles most significant ranking factors. When a PBN is backlinked directly to a money website, for the keyword phrases you would like to rank for, Google drives it up through the search engine rankings.

The more direct and powerful backlinks you possess, the more Googles algorithm considers your money website must be relevant. It therefore indexes your website higher and higher in the web page search engine rankings.

To reach the Top 3 in any type of niche requires simply that you build your network larger and add more backlinks to power-up your money website.

Is This Legitimate?

Yes indeed, it is 100% legitimate. Absolutely no criminal activity is being committed in anyway, shape or form. That said, using a PBN to position a website is against Googles ‘terms of service’. It is not however, a crime.

Why Doesn’t Everybody Do This?

Google has a problem with Private Blog Networks. It considers it is cheating and therefore, if it identifies a website being used to rank another, it will penalize and de-index it.

Such consequences can be reversed and your PBN website can be recovered. That said, it is a very difficult task. That is why when you construct a PBN, you have it carried out by a specialist.

How Do You Stop Google From Finding Out You’re Using A PBN?

The strategy when creating a PBN is to leave as minimal information or footprint as conceivable for Google to discover and analyze. This is frequently referred to as ‘Zero Footprint PBN Building’.

Fundamentally you prevent Googles Bots from crawling specific sections of all the websites inside your PBN. By prohibiting Googles access your websites continue to be secured. The PBNs identification and every other facet of it is private and secure.

Google can not identify who the owner of the PBN is, any details that connects to any other area of the PBN or the money site that the PBN is directed at. Everything regarding the PBN structure appears natural & Google friendly.

UK SEO – Eclat Digital Marketing

Whether you have a business based in UK or want to establish a UK or worldwide based internet marketing business, Eclat can help you achieve your goals. UK SEO, in reality, in no different to SEO implemented anywhere else in the world.

There is, however, a small difference that often goes unnoticed. UK search results are very restrictive. It is a small but important factor when executing UK SEO. If you get your set-up wrong, you will find it harder to rank organically in your local targeted area.

Eclat is prepared to partner with potential clients that want an on-line internet marketing business. We understand that some clients do not have the ‘know how’ to make it happen but do have the ‘will’. A solid passive income awaits the right person. Our terms are very flexible and fair.

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